How to File Corrected W-2 Forms

Sometimes employers may provide you with an incorrect W-2 and later they have to go back and fix something, which results in them sending you a W-2C.w2

Reasons to Want a Correct W-2

There are numerous reasons that you may want a corrected W-2. Some of the most common reasons include, but are not limited to, incorrect name, incorrect social security number, or incorrect dollar amounts.

When you notice an error, you have to go back to your employer and ask them to issue you a corrected W-2. Once the errors have been fixed, your employer will provide you with a correct W-2, also known as W-2C, and send a copy to the Social Security Administration.

Filing Taxes With a W-2C

A W-2C contains the original reported information as well as the correct information. You will see two columns that read, “Previously reported” and “correct information”. The correct information column is the information that you will want to be sure that you put on your tax return.

If you have already, imported incorrect information on your tax return through you are going to have to go in manually and make the edits to insure that nothing holds up you receiving your tax refund.

Make sure that before you submit your return you have compared the information with the correct information column to insure your return is accurate.

E Filing With W-2C or Substitute W-2

The IRS allows taxpayers to e file with a W-2C; however, they do not allow taxpayers to e file with a substitute W-2. In the event that you have to file with a substitute W-2, you will have to print it out and mail it to the IRS with your federal tax return. In the event that your estimations are wrong, you will have to file an amended return.


Corrected W-2s can be confusing when you have to go in and change information. However, if you import your W2 online, they have tax experts to help you through the process if you find yourself stuck.

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