What to do if Your W-2 Form is Missing

When tax season comes around it is not uncommon for you to wonder when your W-2 is going to arrive, so you can get your taxes filed as quickly as possible. Employers are supposed to have your W-2s in the mail no later than January 31st.

w2 tax forms

The W-2 is where your annual wages will be reported along with your federal taxes that were withheld for the year. You must have this form to file your federal tax return.

How Long to Wait For Your Return to Arrive

The IRS suggests that you wait for two extra weeks for your return to arrive. This means that you should receive your W-2 from your employer no later than February 14.

What to Do If You Think Your Employer Did Not Send Your W-2

  • Follow up with your employer to see if and when they mailed your W-2
  • Make sure that your employer has your correct mailing address on file. You should pay special attention to spelling and abbreviations to insure it was not delivered to the wrong address.
  • Ask for another copy.
  • Check to see if your W-2 is available online so you can easily import it.

What to Do If Two Weeks Has Passed and Your W-2 Has Still Not Arrived

  • Call the IRS for assistance at 800-829-1040. When you call, you should be prepared to provide your name, address, social, employers name, address, telephone number, employment dates, and estimated wages based on your current pay stub. This allows the IRS to contact your employer and remind them to send you your W-2.
  • Download or request Form 4506-T. This form allows you to get the information that the IRS has received from your employer free. If you do not have the ability to download the form you can always call 800-829-1040 to request a copy of the form.
  • Request or download Form 4852 and mail it in to the IRS. This form servers the purpose of a substitute W-2. It allows you to estimate your earnings based on your last pay stub of the year.
  • Online tax filing is great when it comes to assisting you with filling out this form. However, keep in mind if you have to take this route, you will have to file an